Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Julia Child's Bifteck Hache A La Lyonnaise Made AIP

After my first Whole 30 this past August I haven't been very successful in adding back the foods I gave up then. I never would have dreamed that giving up food for 30 days would cause my body to reject it in the future. This doesn't happen to everyone but it actually happens to a fair amount of people, especially if they have an autoimmune disease. I've followed the AIP lifestyle for the last 3 weeks and it finally getting to the point where it's becoming comfortable. For those who aren't familiar with AIP it stands for Auto-Immune Paleo.

I'm going to assume that you're familiar with AIP if you're reading this. If not check out The Paleo Mom, Sarah Ballantyne. She has a PhD in medical biophysics and has written a book titled: The Paleo Approach. With 1200 scientific studies cited Sarah goes into great detail about food and autoimmune disease. Did you know that everyone with an autoimmune disease has a leaky gut? That is, food particles escape the small intestine which leads to the autoimmune response.

These past few weeks the people of Pinterest have given me numerous ideas on what to eat. Thank you! Tonight I wanted something familiar. I wanted comfort food and I wanted something quick. When I first made Julia Child's Bifteck Hache A La Lyonnaise I was blown away that ground beef could taste so good. It's sort of like a poor man's fancy dinner. I knew the recipe wasn't AIP compliant so I tweaked it.

Instead of butter I used bacon fat and I omitted the pepper, egg, and flour. For the sauce I used organic mushroom broth, about 1 cup, and thickened it with a little arrowroot dissolved in cold water. I'd say a teaspoon or two dissolved in a splash of water. You can adjust the sauce quantity and thickness to your liking. Just make sure the broth is boiling as you stir in the arrowroot so that it thickens while you stir it.

1.5 lbs of ground beef
3/4 C of finely minced onion
2T of Nutiva Shortening
2T of bacon fat
1 1/2 t coarse salt or 3/4 t of finely ground salt
1/8 t dry thyme
1 C Mushroom broth
1T of Arrowroot starch

Saute the onions in the shortening until translucent and set aside to cool slightly. To the ground beef add the bacon fat, salt, thyme, and onions and mix thoroughly with your hands. Shape the meat into patties or meatballs, whatever shape you like. Cook the meat, preferably in a stainless steel skillet large enough to cook everything at once. Remove the meat and deglaze the pan with 1 C of mushroom broth and thicken to your liking with arrowroot. I use 1 part arrowroot to 2 parts cold water stirred together that I slowly add to the boiling broth.

Here is Julia's full recipe on While the burgers were cooking I made a cauliflower mash to go with it. My recipe for cauliflower mash can be found with my Shepherd's Pie recipe.