Tuesday, April 7, 2015

AIP Breakfast Sausage

When I think of breakfast sausage I always think of Jimmy Dean sausage. That's the flavor I grew up with and I've always been disappointed in the past when I've ordered sausage at a restaurant that didn't taste like theirs. So when I set out to create a breakfast sausage their flavor is what I was aiming for.

Whether you're following the auto-immune paleo lifestyle, whole 30, paleo, or are gluten free Jimmy Dean breaks the rules. For some of you it doesn't matter but I'm strictly autoimmune paleo for now so a cheat often means a reaction that could possibly affect me for days. I love your sausage flavor Jimmy Dean but it's simply not worth not feeling well. The ingredients on the original roll of sausage are:

The only ingredients in the list above that I can tolerate are: pork, water, and salt. I understand that companies fear someone will steal their recipe but I REALLY need to know what the spices and flavorings are. The autoimmune protocol is all about healing the intestinal lining so nightshade and seed spices are not allowed. Furthermore I need to know how the pork was raised. If it spent it's life in a cramped cage unable to turn around then that isn't something I want to support with my money. Since I'm also trying to improve my gut flora I don't want a dose of antibiotics. That is my other motivation to making my own sausage, I know where the pork came from.

Breakfast Sausage

2 lb ground pork
2t salt (coarse) or 1t of finely ground salt
2t nutritional yeast
1T ground oregano
1T fresh rosemary

In a bowl combine all of the ingredients with your hands until mixed thoroughly. I know the nutritional yeast sounds weird but trust me. There is just a bit and it gives a hint of a cheesy flavor. If this isn't something you typically use in your kitchen buy a little bit from the bulk section in your local health food store instead of a large container.

Form the sausage into patties and use in a recipe or simply make patties and brown both sides in a skillet over medium-medium/high heat. My new years resolution for this year is not to buy anything for myself so I'm also looking for other ways to buy less. In the picture below you'll see that instead of putting the sausage on a paper towel to drain I put them on a cooling rack over a baking sheet.