Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jen's Collection of Spice Blends

All of these blends are Paleo and Whole 30 compliant. The sausage seasonings are AIP or can easily be made AIP compliant. If you have successfully reintroduced seed spices all of these will work for you with the exception of the Chili Powder recipe. In that case use the Nightshade Free Mexican Spice Blend in it's place.

Nightshade Free Mexican Spice Blend 

2T ground cumin
1T salish
1T onion powder
1T garlic powder
1/2t coriander
1t oregano
1/8t cinnamon

Sage Sausage Seasoning

For 1 lb of ground meat. I used pork.

3t dry sage leaves crushed
1t salt
1t onion powder
1/2t garlic powder
1/2t dry thyme
1t of smoked paprika (omit for AIP)

AIP Breakfast Sausage (recipe)

2t salt
2t nutritional yeast
1Tground oregano
1T fresh rosemary

Spice Blend for Smoked Nuts (recipe)

1/2t salish
1/2t onion powder
1/2t salt
1t ground cumin
1t garlic powder

Chili Powder

1T cumin
1T smoked paprika
2t salt
1/2t ground oregano
1/4t coriander
1/8t cinnamon